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Dawn Cecil

Dawn was first introduced to dancing as a young child living in Hawai'i, but it wasn't until adulthood that she discovered her love of belly dancing. In 2003 she began taking improvisational tribal classes with Johanna for fun and never dreamed that she would perform and teach it as well. In 2004, she became a member of Loud Zoo, where she continues to share the love of dance with the other members of the troupe. Dawn also continues to explore her Polynesian dance roots as well.

Dawn Cecil instructs the following:
  • Belly Dance: Funky Fusion (Level 2)
  • Just as every art form has evolved over time, so has belly dance. Though it is important to know the roots of the moves, and be familiar with the origins and ethnic variations of the dance, it is a vibrant art form that continues to expand in many directions all over the world. 
    In this class we'll take belly dance moves and explore how to apply them to a variety of styles in fun and interesting ways, while remaining true to the definition of 'belly dance'. Play with tempos, feelings and themes to explore the art of belly dance as a contemporary artistic movement. We'll add different 'flavors' using contemporary music and influences from dance forms from all over the world. Belly Dance has no boundaries!
    Spring Session, April/May:
    Slow, Slinky & Funky! Belly dance with Tribal Fusion moves and combinations, with a variety of modern music from belly electronica to hip hop!