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Marcy Skiff

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Marcy Skiff instructs the following:
  • Belly Dance: Tribal
  • Tribal Technique, Vocabulary, Combinations & Formations
    New to Tribal? This class will show you what Tribal is all about!
    Return to the roots of the dance; as a celebratory past-time shared by a group of women. Learn to dance with your Dance Sisters with a series of cues and moves, in an improvisational dance game of dance. Challenging and fun!
    Wednesdays - Sept - Nov: Back to Basics - Foundations
    Each class will break down a series of Tribal Vocabulary moves, drill their individual isolation components, adding the layers until the full move is obtained. Then we will string together the moves into a short combination that we will drill individually and in small groups. Various formation changes will be introduced as well. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join this class.
    Sundays - We will drill moves and formation changes, add props and zills, while continuing to fine-tune our movements.

  • Djinn Zoo Troupe Rehearsal
  • The Tribe Dance Company is a Hip Expressions Studio company specializing in Loud Zoo Cued Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance. Students will work together on troupe presentations for performances at 1001 Nights Showcases, studio shows, and various other community outreach. Participation in The Tribe is for intermediate (& above) students who show passion and dedication, and is by invitation only. Students who are interested in joining should speak directly to the director about their intent, and will be given guidelines to follow that would potentially lead to an invitation. Directed by Marcella Skiff, dancers in The Tribe will focus on developing group improvisational skills by creating performance art in the moment, while continuing to refine their technique. The The Tribe mission is to have fun and inspire others through their dance & strong supportive sisterly spirit.