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Elizabeth McConnell

Elizabeth McConnell instructs the following:
  • Yoga
  • This traditional, alignment-based Hatha yoga class is perfect for ALL skill levels.  This practice meets you where YOU are at, encouraging awareness and acceptance, and at the same time, working with intention to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, improve self awareness and create a quiet,peaceful mind.  This class offers a safe, challenging and fun practice accessible to everyone through the use of modifications and props.
    Perfect for anyone with low back pain, tightness in the shoulders, or other injury or pain. We will work closely with alignment, focusing on staying mindful and listening to your body while we explore movements and stretches. You will find compassion and understanding in moving safely for YOU. We will also play with the breath and mindful stillness. You will experience stress relief, to better face the rest of your day with ease and joy. This is time to focus on YOUR well-being!
    New to yoga?  This will give you a safe foundation from which to build your practice.  Experience with yoga?  Explore fundamentals with a new attention to safety and detail that will benefit your practice no matter where you are at.