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Our weekly class schedule is full of classes that are great for learning to dance, having fun, and for fitness too!  It's not unusual to take classes back to back and ahhh end the day with yoga, too!  These Drop-In classes are included in your Membership, for only $59/month with AutoPay.  Not sure?  Give 'em a try with our Trial Membership, no obligation, only $30 for 30 days!

Come learn the beautiful art of belly dance!  This class will introduce you to the basic isolations you need as a solid foundation for belly dance.  Learn new and exciting things about your muscle groups, how to access your inner core to create beautiful and fluid movements.  We'll also work on arms, posture, and some footwork will be introduced to lay the groundwork to delve into this art form.  As your muscles strengthen, your control will improve and you will see yourself start to dance!  Develop self-confidence, coordination, and comfort inside your own skin that brings out your inner Goddess!
Spring Session: April/May
"GROOVE" - an intuitive rhythmic feel & sense of cycle in motion, through interaction of music & motion, often with a sense of swing
Come get your 'groove' on with belly dance!  Techniques & exercises will be used to integrate your body with the music, your body with other bodies, and stimulate your ability to improvise with the music.  Let your soul come to light and fly!
The ancient art of belly dance is a unique way to get to know your body inside out. The unique muscular and skeletal articulations promote strong and healthy joints and muscles, while supporting a personal manifestation of the music. Be creatively inspired in this class as we dance through snake-a-licious slow beats and drive our hips to fast drums, learning to listen to ourselves as we bring our emotions to our dance.
This class supports any technique or skill level, rather, bring your soul to the dance and your body will follow.
Spring Session: April/May
Joint Integrity & Alignment: Where is your body in space? We'll explore the anatomy of the dance, to express ourselves safety from where and how our feet touch the floor to touching the sky with our fingertips...
Come drill your isolations, build your stamina, and get movin'!
Repetition will build muscle control & strength, and help refine technique and improve your posture.  Corrections will be given to make sure you're sealing safe &  healthy alignment into your muscle memory!
The classic form of belly dance is recognized to originate and still revolve around the Egyptian style.  Popularized during the 'Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema', since then, belly dance has taken to the stage and captured hearts all around the world.
Expand your dance vocabulary with this elegant Egyptian style taught by Alexandra, who has intensively studied with many of Egypt''s Raqs Sharqi masters, from Mahmoud Reda to Yousry Sharif.
Warm-up, technique and mini-combinations/choreographies.
Please bring your veils.
Just as every art form has evolved over time, so has belly dance. Though it is important to know the roots of the moves, and be familiar with the origins and ethnic variations of the dance, it is a vibrant art form that continues to expand in many directions all over the world. 
In this class we'll take belly dance moves and explore how to apply them to a variety of styles in fun and interesting ways, while remaining true to the definition of 'belly dance'. Play with tempos, feelings and themes to explore the art of belly dance as a contemporary artistic movement. We'll add different 'flavors' using contemporary music and influences from dance forms from all over the world. Belly Dance has no boundaries!
Spring Session, April/May:
Slow, Slinky & Funky! Belly dance with Tribal Fusion moves and combinations, with a variety of modern music from belly electronica to hip hop!
Now that you're familiar with the basics, let's move a little faster into combinations, drills, and more.  Learn to put the moves together with smooth transitions, accents, and especially - attitude!  We'll get confident in our footwork and traveling, add some layering, and work on polished arms to finish out the beautiful moving work of art which is our dance!

Who doesn't want to have a better shimmy?
Get a great workout while strengthening and improving your technique and stamina!
Come work on your endurance and hip control so you can dance with precision, beauty, and style.  The shimmy is the most recognizable and distinctive feature of belly dance.  Make sure yours lives up to the hype! 
We'll explore a variety of shimmies: earthy Folkloric, modern Egyptian, a multitude of three-quarter and two-quarter, downs, ups, syncopated, traveling, layered, and more! 
Tell the truth, hips don't lie..
Tribal Technique, Vocabulary, Combinations & Formations
New to Tribal? This class will show you what Tribal is all about!
Return to the roots of the dance; as a celebratory past-time shared by a group of women. Learn to dance with your Dance Sisters with a series of cues and moves, in an improvisational dance game of dance. Challenging and fun!
Wednesdays - Sept - Nov: Back to Basics - Foundations
Each class will break down a series of Tribal Vocabulary moves, drill their individual isolation components, adding the layers until the full move is obtained. Then we will string together the moves into a short combination that we will drill individually and in small groups. Various formation changes will be introduced as well. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join this class.
Sundays - We will drill moves and formation changes, add props and zills, while continuing to fine-tune our movements.
Learn authentic Rio De Janeiro style Brazilian samba as you perform a high energy dynamic cardio workout. Class includes warm up with strength and flexibility training. The aerobic effect of Samba relies on fast steps, hip work, and vigorous upper body arm movements to create a full body workout!
Spring Session (April/May)
Learn (and drill, drill drill) your 'basic samba step'. Combined with pulse pumping calorie blasting moves, we'll work on building a choreography to perform in the June showcase! Look for a Samba Feather Headdress building workshop soon so you can have your own to perform in!
The Tribe Dance Company is a Hip Expressions Studio company specializing in Loud Zoo Cued Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance. Students will work together on troupe presentations for performances at 1001 Nights Showcases, studio shows, and various other community outreach. Participation in The Tribe is for intermediate (& above) students who show passion and dedication, and is by invitation only. Students who are interested in joining should speak directly to the director about their intent, and will be given guidelines to follow that would potentially lead to an invitation. Directed by Marcella Skiff, dancers in The Tribe will focus on developing group improvisational skills by creating performance art in the moment, while continuing to refine their technique. The The Tribe mission is to have fun and inspire others through their dance & strong supportive sisterly spirit.
The Hip Stars is a Hip Expressions Studio company specializing in professional presentation of the variety of the art of Belly Dance. Students will learn troupe choreographies, as well as develop solos for performances at 1001 Nights Showcases, and various other community outreach and private parties. Participation in the Hip Stars is for intermediate/advanced students to professional dancers who show passion and dedication.  Students who are interested in joining should speak directly to the director about their intent, and will be given guidelines to follow that would potentially lead to an invitation. Directed by Johanna Xenobia, dancers in Hip Stars will develop performance technique, stage presence, gain performance savy, and learn to work as a group and solo, while continuing to refine their technique. The Hip Stars mission is to have fun and inspire others through group dance art performance and interaction, while fostering the growth of individual dancers.
The Island Flowers is a Hip Expressions Studio company specializing in Polynesian dance. Students will learn troupe choreographies, as well as develop solos for performances at 1001 Nights Showcases, Studio shows, and various other community outreach events. Participation in the Island Flowers is for intermediate/advanced students to professional dancers who show passion and dedication, and is by invitation only. Students who are interested in joining should speak directly to the Director, Karen Sun Ray, about their intent, and will be given guidelines to follow that would potentially lead to an invitation.
Directed by Karen Sun Ray, dancers in Island Flowers will develop performance technique, stage presence, gain performance savy, and learn to work as a group and solo, while continuing to refine their technique and learn the cultural aspects of this ethnic dance form. The Island Flowers mission is to have fun and inspire and educate others through group performances, while fostering the growth of individual dancers.
This class is ballet-based jazz, perfect for anyone who has dance experience.  It moves quickly through technique, footwork, and extensive warm-up much like barre drills.  These exercises build your muscle memory for beautiful lines, keeping arms and legs and posture from falling into sloppy patterns when you are in the moment of performance - busy expressing yourself! 
Stretching and strengthening exercises move you through arm and leg positions, work the core, balance, and posture.  Moving across the floor focusing on technique and form build into a combination that brings together your drills for consistent and disciplined form.
The dance combinations are based on Evelyn's personal style of dance, allowing the dancer to explore the emotional side of their dance personality while continuing to hone their strength and technique.
Spring Session: April/May:
Work on some beautiful and feel-good lyrical choreography! A little romance, sensuality,a nd some 'drama' thrown in for self-expression.
Nia is a sensory-based movement practice and a fun, creative way to get fit, relieve stress, self-heal and move your body with Joy, Pleasure and Awareness. You'll sweat and laugh while conditioning your whole body. Practiced barefoot to a variety of soul-stirring music, Nia blends form with freedom, drawing from disciplines of the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live. Nia will move you...
Spring Session April/May:
Dance through the Chakra system for these eight weeks; Sundays, create a joyful body and life with the new Nia routine called Joy! Every body moves, every body dances.
Nia FreeDance - Art of Conscious Dance
Come Unleash Your Movement Creativity!
Get ready to move your body, mind, emotions and spirit to soul stirring music YOUR way to awaken your inner artist and explore the Nia style of FreeDance! You will be guided by Nia certified instructor and White Belt trainer Gail Condrick along a roller coaster sonic landscape to stimulate your chakra system, open your mind, and move your body. We end with a meditation to feel refreshed and inspired. Each month will have different music and theme.
Open to everyone. NO prior dance experience is necessary to enjoy!

1st Sundays, 11am - 1pm

Feb 5th - Opening Hearts: LOVE for yourself & others!

March 5th - The Power of Hope

April 2nd - New Beginnings

$16/adv, $20/door

Learn the dances of the Polynesian islands, including Hawaiian hula and Tahitian o’tea.
Hula is an ancient Hawaiian art form, which rhythmically tells a story through dance and hand movements.
The Tahitian o’tea is a very fast drum dance, done using rapid hip movements. In modern day Tahiti, it is performed at festivals and events, but it originated as a warrior dance.
Students will learn basic movements used in Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing, proper dance technique, and build stamina and endurance. Be prepared to dance with flowing arms and swaying hips... And a little bit of sweat too!

Enjoy an hour of belly dance inspired cardio moves mixed with pilates / yoga inspired core work. Learn belly dance fundamentals, burn calories, work your core, and have fun just dancing it out!

'Raqs' - meaning dance, dancing in Arabic

'Fit' - the wonderful healthy feeling we get when we take care of ourselves :)

“Samba Syndicate” is a Professional Brazilian Samba Troupe specializing in traditional Brazilian Samba choreography.

“Our mission is to inspire others through dance, while maintaining a positive attitude as we inspire others through the origins and art of Brazilian Samba. To be part of a team of professional and respected dancers as we work together in harmony. Troupe member benefits include, but not limited to, getting together with like-minded dancers and gaining ongoing support, keeping physical activity a top priority in our life, improve our respective dance and techniques, and ultimately putting on flawless, professional shows while having FUN!”

- Director Gypsi Erin

This traditional, alignment-based Hatha yoga class is perfect for ALL skill levels.  This practice meets you where YOU are at, encouraging awareness and acceptance, and at the same time, working with intention to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, improve self awareness and create a quiet,peaceful mind.  This class offers a safe, challenging and fun practice accessible to everyone through the use of modifications and props.
Perfect for anyone with low back pain, tightness in the shoulders, or other injury or pain. We will work closely with alignment, focusing on staying mindful and listening to your body while we explore movements and stretches. You will find compassion and understanding in moving safely for YOU. We will also play with the breath and mindful stillness. You will experience stress relief, to better face the rest of your day with ease and joy. This is time to focus on YOUR well-being!
New to yoga?  This will give you a safe foundation from which to build your practice.  Experience with yoga?  Explore fundamentals with a new attention to safety and detail that will benefit your practice no matter where you are at.