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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) & More



Class Etiquette:

In Class:

~ Turn off your cell phone

~ No chewing gum in class (it's a health hazard!)

~ No long skirts (unless specified otherwise)

~ No videotaping

~ No talking while the instructor is talking

~ Be conscious of the space around you and place yourself accordingly

~ Pay attention when someone asks a question (you may need to hear the answer too!)

~ Do not correct your fellow students (that's the teacher's job, and this is your time to focus on yourself)

~ Only positive comments about yourself and your fellow students

~ Between classes; speak in quiet tones as there may be a class still going on


Remember, this is a safe, supportive environment here to nurture everyone's creative growth.  Be kind to everyone... especially to yourself!


Try everything, You can do it!


Policies and Procedures:

~ Well-behaved children are welcome to wait in the Lobby, but we are not a child-sitting service and do not guarantee their supervision

~ If you need to leave a class early, if possible let the instructor know

~ Avoid coming late to a class at all costs.  Our classes are crafted to create an entire experience from beginning to end, and you will do yourself and your body the best service by commiting to the experience.  Many classes move quickly, and by coming in late you will have missed key elements to the rest of the class, and will often feel lost and frustrated, creating a negative experience for yourself and other students.  Let's avoid this... be EARLY!    ...of course sometimes this can not be avoided, so please warm up on your own and enter as discreetly as possible.

~ Leave shoes outside and bring in as small as bags as possible; however if you need supportive footwear please do so.  Street shoes not encouraged, let's leave the dirt outside and keep your Studio clean.




Q: Which do you recommend, the Toolbox or the Trial Membership?

A: If you’re interested in Belly Dance, I definitely recommend the Toolbox.  The two, eight week courses will give you a foundation and understanding of the Art of Belly Dance; and will introduce you to all the basic moves.  Then you’re prepared to go into a mixed level belly dance class.

However, I would recommend the Trial Membership in addition because you can take all the dance fitness classes that don’t have a prerequisite; like Nia, Polynesian, Burlesque, African, Zumba, Yoga, etc.  The Trial Membership is great because all the classes are drop-in, so it lets you have a really flexible schedule, and come several times a week for all the fitness benefits.


Q: If I’ve belly danced before, do I still need to take the Toolbox?

A: Yes, we recommend it!  Every belly dance artist has their own style and technique, so we want to make sure you understand our vocabulary and all dancers have the same foundation so the mixed level classes can move more quickly into other concepts.


Q: What do I wear to belly dance class?

A: Yoga pants and a tank top are common; you can show your belly if you want but you don’t have to!  You definitely need something around your hips; coins or fringe, it is a great help for you to both see and feel (and if you have coins, hear!) your moves, and will aid in your learning process.  You can dress up more if you like, however it’s important for the instructor to be able to see your feet, knee, and body position so something form-fitting but not constrictive is perfect.


Q: Do we dance barefoot?

A: Yes.  You can wear something like our LeoToes to protect your feet and for easier turning; or if you need supportive footwear that’s okay too.  We just ask to keep the ‘street shoes’ out; so we don’t track dirt in.


Q: I’ve never taken belly dancing before.  Is it hard to learn?

A: Most women who come to class have never before tried belly dancing, or attended any sort of dance class as an adult.  In our classes you’ll learn to get familiar with your body, and your coordination and confidence will improve the more you practice.  As with any discipline, the more you practice, the better you will be.  But, anyone can start enjoying belly dancing and gaining the benefits, even from the first class!


Q: What is Nia?

A: Nia stands for several things, like Neural-Integrated Movement, or Non-Impact Aerobics.  It’s a free-flowing dance movement class where you can take it at your own pace, and has a great warm-up and cool down.  It kinda combines martial arts, yoga, chi gong, and modern dance if that gives you a clue… it’s great because it’s definitely an aerobic workout but lets you go at your own pace.  You can even adjust to it and do it in a chair!

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