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Looking for inspiration?

                                    ...Bored with your Routine? Try us out!  New Students Welcome!


Our friendly, supportive dance studio will satisfy all your needs for creativity, community, fun, and fitness!  We have a wide range of options for staying interested and involved. 

Belly Dance
- what puts us on the map, we're one of the largest centers for belly dance in Florida if not the entire Eastern Seaboard!  Classes can be just for fun, or fitness, and performance opportunities available - but certainly not required!  Start with the Basics, then explore different flavors, Tribal, Egyptian, and more!

Nia - Our 2nd most popular classes, I like to say, if Yoga could dance, it would be Nia!  This class is for ALL levels, take it at your own pace, combining modern dance, martial arts, and tai chi for a free-form cardio experience that will move your body - and your heart!

Polynesian - Those pretty Island Girls make grace look EASY - but in fact it's a challenging workout! 

Burlesque - Join us to explore your femininity - and it's *just* naughty enough!

Jazz - This is a non-nonsense ballet-based Jazz class, ideal for those who have had dance training.  Nostalgic for the good ol' days of training from your youth? Come home!

Samba - Fancy footwork, Feathers, and no-frills drills get your inner showgirl to shine!

Club Dance 101 - the Twerkshop, yes, really.  SWEAT it out on the dance floor to your favorite hits and twerk it baby!

5 Rhythms SWEATS - Ecstatic dance, this is a session with NO instruction, find YOUR voice, your feet, your path, and sweat your prayers...

Yoga - Take it inward a notch, slow down, and breathe... 

...Need something new we don't offer?  Email us at, and let us know!  We'll see what we can do!

Types of Classes:

Ongoing Classes: On our Class Schedule page, drop in and out any time, but keep coming consistently and see what happens!

Class Series: A set Course with a beginning and an end, often with a focus such as our Belly Dance for Beginners, or a Choreography with a performance opportunity

Troupe Class: We have several troupes (Belly Dance, Polynesian, Tribal, and Samba), ask the instructor how you can get involved!  It usually takes several months of training in a particular style before you have enough knowledge, skill, and technique, but let the instructor know that's what you're working towards and go for it!

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aHip Expressionas 10-19-2013--487Our Trial Membersip Offer

Try our Unlimited Class Package for only $30/30 days, no obligations!  Find the joy of dance fitness classes - We have over twenty classes a week, seven days a week for you to enjoy.  Try a taste of Nia, Belly Dance, Burlesque, Yoga, Hot Hula, and more!
Local Area Residents Only; Tampa Bay & surrounding areas.

**Attend 10 classes in your Trial Month and get $30 Hip Expressions credit to use towards future purchases! (6 month commitment at signup).  
Must sign up before the end of your Trial Membership!**

Sign up Here, or create a login with your information (at the top of this page), and come fifteen minutes before class starts and you can sign up right at the Studio at the front desk with our friendly staf!

Check out our Class Schedule.



aHip Expressionas 10-19-2013--266_DIYTempMembership

...Are you excited and want to continue?  You'll love our Membership - Unlimited Classes plus so much more!  It's easy to come and take a few classes in a row and keep your body and mind engaged.  Delve into the flexibility and focus of Yoga, the fun and excitement of Samba, or the core muscles required for Belly Dance or Polynesian.  Or just dance your worries away in Nia! 

Membership is only $69/month.  That includes:

- Unlimited Classes (come one day a week and take two classes, and brings the cost down to $8.60/class, come two days a week, $4.60/class!)

- 10% off in the Boutique, Spa, Series Classes, Workshops, and Private Lessons

- $5 off admission to our Monthly 1001 Nights Showcases

- 4 guest passes annually 

Dance & Movement for Every Body!


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Why Dance?

~ Fun way to Exercise      ~ Work your Core      ~ Reduce Stress              ~ Tone Muscles 

~ Strengthen Bones         ~ Reduce Back Pain   ~ Low-Impact                   ~ Better Posture

~ Increase Self-Esteem    ~ Gain Confidence     ~ Express Yourself            ~ Look & Feel Great!


Did You Know That...

... Dance can burn between 400 and 600 calories an hour


... Dancing boosts your memory and may help prevent dementia as we age


... Any increase in flexibility helps ease joint pain and arthritis


... Your cardio dance workout has the same cardiovascular (and weight loss) benefits of bicycling and jogging


... Being social engaged with classmates actually boosts your immune system


... Dance has been proven to fight depression - beat the blue and come dance!