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Massage Therapy

Stress is a major factor in producing illness, and massage will lower your stress hormones to keep you healthy!  It's a vital part of a health maintenance plan, as well as a ideal for pain management.  Whatever your dedication to dance, your dedication to your body must be greater! 

Massage will also:

- improve circulation

- recover faster & better from muscle aches & pains

- boost seratonin, which is not only increases joy but also has been physically proven to help your body heal faster


Massage Menu:


Sky Mineral Massage (75 min) $85... Introductory Special, $65!

...includes Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, and Mineral Treatment


One Hour Massage $65


One and a Half Hour Massage $95




Sky Mineral Massage

At Hip Expressions we are delighted to host Dakotah Sky, of Sky Massage Therapies.  His signature Sky Mineral Massage is our featured massage, due to its combination of highly effective therapeutic benefits with the all-over 'spa' experience that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated! 

The mineral Magnesium is directly needed in our bodies for over 300 enzymatic processes and indirectly needed for thousands more, including those for cellular energy and nerve transmission yet two-thirds or more of the population is chronically short of this vital mineral. The reason Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom salts and baths are therapeutically beneficial is that they are concentrated Magnesium salts that saturate ones tissues and are absorbed by the body directly, reinvigorating the body at a core level.

Now, that essential mineral complex is concentrated into an “oil”. Painted on your body. Relaxing brush strokes cover you as it bathes you in its benefits. As therapeutic or relaxation bodywork is performed, this complex continues to soak into your tissues and body. All mineral massage complexes are custom made and can vary from an ultra-smooth silky glide to a fine crystalline for an exfoliation and polish.

To enhance your Sky Mineral Massage further, essential oils and amino acids blend for pre- and post- workout benefits, with Korean Ginseng, Ginger, and Mint to aid circulation, decrease inflammation and help ease pain. Or choose a blend of Green Tea Polyphenols and Vitamin E for pre- or post- sun exposure, improving skin health and decrease free radicals. Alternatively, a blend of Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli and Blue Chamomile provide deep relaxation and detox. 

Your Mineral Massage includes hot stone and moist heat packs to provide the utmost benefits to the body. What you get is a therapeutic massage with a spa experience! A Spa-peutic  treatment…or maybe it’s a Thera-spa relaxation time. Either way, it is unlike any massage experience you have had!

75 minute treatment

$85 - opening special, only $65! Limit one per person, one additional may be bought as a gift.





Dakotah Sky, LMT


"Helping people and health care have always played a big part in my life. My father, uncle, grandfather were all physicians, my mother, aunts and a multitude of cousins are nurses. Before becoming a Massage Therapist, I worked the business side of healthcare, running physician’s practices. Now I enjoy being a practitioner as a Nationally Certified Neuromuscular Therapist since 2008, graduating from Cortiva School of Massage armed with even more knowledge about the human body.  In addition, I am a Registered Chiropractic Assistant (RCA) for a wellness and injury chiropractic clinic in St. Petersburg where, as the Clinical-Coordinator, I assist the physician, direct the care, and administer the treatment plans for patient’s recovery.

"While my interest in helping people feel better led me to becoming a Massage Therapist with training in the modalities of Relaxation, Sports, Thai, and Neuromuscular Therapeutics; it was my combined interest in chemistry and the biological sciences that led me to develop my signature modality of Mineral Massage and Transdermal Massage Therapies.  This combined therapy method saturates the body and tissues with essential minerals, amino acids, and essential oils for enhanced relaxation and therapeutic benefits even beyond that of just a massage.

"When not working, I enjoy my down time with my wife and pups taking walks, hiking or watching old classic movies. Here’s looking at you, kid."


Call to Book:

Dakotah Sky, LMT 727.686.6988

Studio/Spa Main 727.251.5241