Joy Thompson

Instructor, Nia Dancer

Nia and I found each other in 2010 at a time in my life when I was yearning to heal my body and spirit. The journey into the sensations and voice of my body has transformed me and the way I move through the world. As I continually expand my practice of Nia, I have become more compassionate and loving with how I see myself. In my classes, I create Nia experiences that are fun, expressive, and healing. Whether in the dark or light, calm or storm there is room in Nia for everyone’s authentic dance. I encourage my students to take control of their workout experience and make choices that create a loving relationship with their body. I believe everyone has access to healing physically, spiritually and emotionally through movement, and it is my pleasure to be your guide. I invite you to reclaim your birthright to play and dance through life. You can find me guiding and following tribes of Nia people around the Tampa Bay area. Come move with Joy!