Marcella Skiff

Instructor, Performer, Flautist, Director Djinn Zoo Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Belly Dancer, Polynesian Dancer, Fire Dancer

Marcella started belly dancing with Hip Expressions in 2006, and joined Loud Zoo, Johanna's Tribal Troupe in 2007. When Loud Zoo disbanded in 2012, she took over direction of what was then called 'The Tribe' which has now evolved into her own Tribal Troupe, Djinn Zoo. Having studied both Egyptian and Tribal styles, confident as a soloist and a troupe leader, Marcella joined a s a founding member of Karen Sun Ray's Polynesian Troupe, the Island Flowers. Marcella also helped found the Sunset Hookah Lounge Band, playing Arabic, Turkish, and Greek songs on her flute, which she's played for a long time with a focus on more classical music. Now she'll still head up the Hip Ex Jam Band upon occasion, and teach Middle Eastern Drumming class too!

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