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It takes a Village

Our beautiful, accepting community exists because of each and every participant... and that includes YOU, who come to classes, workshops, events, & shows! So thank you for being part of our movement!

And a huge thanks for all those who work behind the scenes to make everything possible...

If you're interested in being part of the Team, email us, we have work-study opportunities too!

Studio Instructors

Our Dance Troupes

Djinn Zoo

Improvisational Tribal Troupe

Djinn Zoo is our Tribal troupe, Directed by Marcella Skiff. These ladies explore the evolution of Tribal belly dance, which combines traditional dances from around the world such as belly dance, Flamenco, Indian Dance, and Modern. The focus is on the sisterhood of the dance, playing with structured improvisational tools, using cues to transition from one move to the next.

Djinn Zoo evolved from Loud Zoo Tribal, of which Marcella was a part, directed by Johanna Xenobia from 2001 - 2012. Marcella continues the Tribal tradition at Hip Expressions in her growing troupe. Influences...


Polynesian Dance Troupe

The Island Flowers, Directed by Karen Sun Ray, bring to life the relaxed feel of the Pacific Islands.

The Island Flowers, Directed by Karen Sun Ray, bring to life the relaxed feel of the Pacific Islands. Their hips sway to the rhythms of the ocean, their gestures welcoming and sweet. Then they crank up the drums and watch their hips fly! From Hula, Tahitian and the Land of the Long White Cloud of the Maori people. They learn and perform traditional and fusion styles.

Join the Polynesian classes Monday nights at 7:15 to come get a taste of the Islands.


Brazilian Samba Team

Samba Syndicate, Directed by Erin DePrizio, performs Brazilian Samba in true showgirl style! Feathers fly and smiles all around for these fast-paced, challenging choreographies. The ladies are popular at weddings for the latest trend, 'La Hora Loca', where guests are invited up to dance in the madness that brings Rio right to the party!

Interested in learning? Join the Cardio Samba class led by troupe member Jill Castle and get the beat in your feet, your hips, and your smile!

YOU are perfect!

Professional Belly Dance Troupe

The Desert Stars Belly Dance Troupe, Directed by Karen Sun Ray, are committed to fun and professional performance! These classy ladies bring their beauty and talent to the stage for family-friendly shows. The troupe explores a variety of genres, from traditional Egyptian belly dance, Turkish beats, and fusion performances. They're ready to inspire you through movement, dance, and audience participation!

Dancers interested in this style are encouraged to take all the belly dance classes they can, including Karen's classes Tuesday nights, and speak to Karen about their participation...


Studio Support Staff