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At Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio, we offer three types of Series Courses. These have a definitive start and end date, and do not allow drop-ins. Pay attention to prerequisites or check with the instructor to see if you'll be a good fit. If you must miss class, tell the instructor right away so they can advise on how to proceed.

Special Topics - We offer several courses that dive deeper into different styles, dance forms, and topics, such as Tap, Flamenco, and more.

Choreography Courses - Learn a full choreography, from start to finish! Immerse yourself in a dance, a style, transitions, and musicality. Short courses complete a choreography. Longer ones get you stage and performance-ready!

Performance Courses - We love to perform, and our students do too! Learn a group choreography complete with formation changes to create a three dimensional sculptural work of art. Each dancer is important in themselves, as well as being part of the greater community to create the full piece. Costume purchases are required to perform, based on the instructor's specifications, and performances are at our 1001 Nights Studio Showcase, as well as at other events. Students are not required to perform, please let your instructor know if performing is not for you. Learn to work in a group; these courses are a pre-requisite for some of our troupes before applying to join. Please continue to attend ongoing/drop-in classes to hone your technique.

At Hip Expressions, we honor ALL bodies, and encourage and support everyone in their dance journey. We do not discriminate on any level, all it takes is open-mindedness, willingness, and honesty. We know your vibe will match our tribe!

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