Teacher Resources

Are you a Dance/Movement Teacher?

We are happy to offer resources to help YOU to become a better teacher! Johanna Zenobia has trained dozens of instructors, mentored even more, and continues to refine her understanding of the human body, teaching philosophy, and personal development. From anatomy to tech resources, her coaching is invaluable in helping you develop your personal voice, strategy, so that you can cultivate your unique gifts and share them to your students.

  • Currently Offering:
  • Zoom Sound Check - Make Zoom Sound work for YOU!
  • Learn how to best optimize Zoom to help you connect with your students, right from home, so we can keep our community together! ...no equipment necessary, just a laptop!
  • Less than a week after city-wide shutdowns Johanna had all the classes (40+/week) up and running on Zoom (from scratch!), with twenty different instructors teaching from their homes & some from studio setups.
  • What she discovered is each set up is unique, every dancer has a different understanding and access to technology. A session with Johanna is not only a tech session, but also a coaching session as she helps you understand how to bring your best self to the virtual world!

  • **Must have a Zoom account, the FREE one will limit you to 40 minutes, Pro will let you do an hour or more. Bring whatever equipment you have, we're gonna make your class work for you and your students!
  • 15 min Check-In $25 buy now - this is what most people need!
  • 30 min Set-Up $45 buy now
  • 1 Hour (set up from scratch or with advanced set-up). $65 buy now

Please email Johanna to schedule. It's helpful to create a Profile here too!

    Teaching Coaching Sessions - Tweak your Teach! We'll examine your current class structure & content, and strategies to improve your focus, message, and intent. Contact us for details.
  • Self-Care Personal Sessions - Building a unified YOU so you can be there for others. Using yogic philosophy, we'll create the perfect yoga practice for you at home, to help balance your mind, body, and emotions.
  • 60 min $65 buy now
  • 90 min. $105 buy now
  • Please email Johanna to schedule. It's helpful to create a Profile here too!