Positive Intelligence

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Do you ever feel unhappy, or doubt yourself?

Our mind is our best friend, and it can be our worst enemy - it's constantly sabotaging us through comparing ourselves to others, plaguing us with doubts about ourselves, and creating procrastination paralysis by talking us out of doing what makes us happy.

It can stress us out before class, backstage, and before moving forward towards our dreams.

It can do the same thing in ALL aspects of our lives making us second guess ourselves, keep our minds spinning while we're trying to sleep, and affecting our work and relationships.

How much do you think this Mental Sabotage is costing you… in Time... In Dollars... in wasted energy...

Self Doubt

Lack of Self-Confidence

Second-Guessing Yourself

Keeping You From Fully Participating & Thriving

Missing Out On Opportunities

Damanged Relationships, Professional & Personal

What if I told you, there's a PROVEN system that can work to re-wire our brain, reduce stress, make us more productive, and perform better... in other words, increase our happiness and sense of fulfillment with ourselves, and our lives!

Improve your dancing: No matter where you are in your dance journey; your practice, performance, teaching, production, and leadership skills will improve by leaps and bounds!

Improve your life: This filters over to ALL aspects of your life...Gain confidence, sleep better, have more free time, be more effective at work, enjoy a more fulfilling personal life, love your body, improve performance, and above all...

Increase Your Happiness!

When I first started dancing...

I felt disconnected with my body. I was constantly comparing myself to others - and falling short. I took corrections personally, and my self-doubt kept me from being present and enjoying dance - which I loved!

I was frustrated with my awkwardness, and my mind cluttered with mind-chatter. I was nervous before class, backstage, and stressed out.

But I persevered! I learned many things the hard way, burned bridges with others... I wasn't always sure how to communicate effectively. I stressed out about personality conflicts, and slowly developed leadership skills and figured out how to host a healthy community.

Many years later, I found the Positive Intelligence (TM) program and learned incredible coping skills... gosh if only I had found these years ago! Now I can navigate difficult situations with SO much greater ease, no longer avoid difficult conversations, AND I get to help coach others so their relationships, careers, and communities thrive!

Since using these new coping skills, I am also personally happier on the dance floor, more connected to my body, and can focus better & enjoy classes - I also sleep better, am less stressed and more productive. My relationships - in business, with family and friends - have improved, and I am able to better enjoy my time off.

All this is available to you, too! No matter what your personal or professional goals, these simple (but not easy) skills will serve you on and off the dance floor.

I'm super excited to be able to share these techniques with you - by taking you through the same 6-week Core Program I went through.

I've seen incredible results in my own community by taking dancers through this program, and can't wait to take you through it, too!

- Johanna Zenobia

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Don't let years of lost energy & Potential go by... There's an easier way!


Positive Intelligence (TM)

This ground-breaking program is open to all people, across over fifty countries, and stands above cultural differences to address commonalities of the challenges of being human. Check out how it's making a SPLASH in the world, and will re-wire your brain for greater happiness, ease and joy, in only six weeks!


You can have a taste of it right away, at absolutely no charge or obligation.

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Step 2 - Take a breath, you've taken the first step to improving your quality of life!

Step 3 - See how the results of your courage show in GREAT rewards in the weeks, months, and years to come!

Our next Cohort is forming to start this Fall... be ready to join us!

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...this is huge. As we go through this training together, as a community, we can completely re-frame how the dance world has traditionally been filled with competition and comparison... to create a more inclusive dance space, where everyone is more successful and supported in fulfilling their true potential!

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Do it now, it only takes 5 minutes to start moving towards bliss!