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Dance Traditions from Around the World - Community Vibe - Every Body Accepted - Engage your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Every class has a unique 'flavor', but they all embody the acceptance, encouragement, community feel and inspiration that Hip Ex is known for.

Some classes are marked virtual, please make sure you are signing up for the class you want.

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Class Flavors...

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  • Belly Beginner Class with K, J and L.jpg
  • Yoga for Balance w Jo Jan 2024.jpg
  • Intro to Tribal Belly Dance 2024.jpg
  • Shimmy w Karen 2024.jpg
  • Intro Flamenco class w Vanessa  Jan 2024.jpg
  • Flamenco Beginners class w Vanessa  Jan 2024.jpg
  • Nia Class Jan 2024.jpg
  • Belly Dance with Kim and Jo Jan 2024.jpg
  • Align & Shine Yoga w Michael CLASS 2024.jpg
  • Raks Sharqi w Lizza Hassan Jan 2024.jpg
  • Indian Fusion w Zoe Sept 2024.jpg
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