Scholarship Program


Hip Expressions is committed to growing our Mindful, Creative, Cultural Movement Community. We are happy to offer our need-based scholarship program so that no one’s passion for dance go unfulfilled. Our program works through the generous donations of donors who sponsor a learner to study at Hip Expressions. We are ever grateful for these donors, for investing not only in the personal growth of a spirit in need, but also in their local arts community. Donations can be anonymous or recognized as the donor is comfortable. If you know of anyone who is interested in sponsoring a learner, please refer them to Johanna.

Scholarships can be for:

  • Six month Membership, includes Unlimited drop-in dance classes

  • Reduced Rate (pay what you can) Membership

  • Workshops, Series Courses or Shows


  • Applications can be submitted at any time, and will be assigned as availability permits.

  • Dancers may re-apply as often as they like.

  • Beyond being in financial need, priority is given to students who are dedicated, attend the most classes, and personify the values and mission of Hip Expressions - to nurture a community, welcome everybody, and inspire others.

If you are the recipient of our Scholarship, we ask that you model an exemplar student, as much as you are able, to set an example for others, by doing the following:

  • Register for classes in advance through our website or the online app

  • Attending minimum two classes a week

  • Arrive early for class, sign-in, be prepared and ready to start on time

  • Engage other students in friendly discourse before and after classes when appropriate

  • Be aware of upcoming events at Hip Expressions and mention them to other students when appropriate, or ask the instructor about them at the end of class

  • Share on their social media about Hip Expressions, classes they attend and upcoming events

We also offer Work-Study Programs, and are always looking for people to fill these roles. If you think you have extra time and energy to donate towards contributing in this fashion, please contact us and ask for more information.

Application should include the following, and be emailed to Johanna.

Full Legal Name:

Phone Number:


Facebook/Instagram Name:

Monthly Income (we may ask for additional verification):

Why do you want to dance at Hip Expressions, please include any of your goals, what is unique about what we offer, how you find that inspiring, and how you think it will assist in your growth (approx 500 words):