1001 Nights Showcases

We host the finest belly dance professionals, dynamic group theme performances and blossoming student talent. Stay after the show, as we play popular belly dance party numbers and it is YOUR chance to get up and practice belly dance moves with the girls!

7pm - Downstairs Doors Open for Shopping

7:30pm - Theatre Doors Open

8pm - Showtime, then Party time

Tickets: Click HERE.

Performance spaces limited, vending spaces available, please contact Hip Expressions about either, at 727.251.5241.

Hip Expressions has been hosting belly dance performances, showcases, and parties called 'haflas' in Tampa Bay since 2004. 1001 Nights is the next evolution of this community event and has expanded to include a whole host of elements that create a festive and appreciative atmosphere for your enjoyment!

Book your ticket in advance (no less than two days prior to the show) to make sure you get a chair!


Performances - We are always welcoming new and exciting performers and acts to our stage! Please contact Karen Sun Ray with any questions, 727.643.5517. Performers do not have to pay admission for themselves, but please leave the seats for the paying guests (seats are limited!). If there are extra chairs you are welcome to sit of course!

Vendors - Join the fun by setting up a vending table for our guests! We ask 10% of sales at the end of the night, as well as a donation to our raffle, which also gives us the opportunity to talk about you to our guests! Contact Johanna, or 727.251.5241.

Volunteers - We couldn't do it without your help! Contact Marcy, 727.251.5241, we'll be happy to get you involved with making the show run smoothly! Experience being part of the behind-the-scenes works and part of the act of creation, interact with our talent and other amazing staff - lend your energy to continuing to evolve the performing arts in Tampa Bay!