What do I wear to class?

Wear something you feel comfortable to move in, and something that makes you feel good about your body!

For Belly Dance: Yoga pants and a tank top are common; you can show your belly if you want but you don’t have to! You definitely need something around your hips; coins or fringe, it is a great help for you to both see and feel (and if you have coins, hear!) your moves, and will aid in your learning process. You can dress up more if you like, however it’s important for the instructor to be able to see your feet, knee, and body positions, so something form-fitting but not constrictive is perfect. Our staff will bring hip scarves in every few weeks, so grab them while you can, we appreciate your support in purchasing from us!

For Nia: loose pants and a flowy shirt are fine, but nothing that restricts your movement.

What is Nia?

Nia is a mindful, movement arts workout combining the joy of dance, the power and precision of the martial arts and the mind-body awareness of the healing arts. All movements are adaptable to a variety of fitness levels. It can even be practiced in a chair! Nia is a workout, movement practice and lifestyle and has been reshaping bodies and minds around the world since 1983.

I've never taken belly dance (or dance) before, is it hard to learn?

Many people who come to class have never before tried belly dancing, and you don't need any previous experience in dance to learn. In our classes you’ll learn to get familiar with your body, and your coordination and confidence will improve the more you practice. As with any discipline, the more you practice, the better you will be. But, anyone can start enjoying belly dancing and gaining the benefits, even from the first class!

Check out our BEGINNER'S BELLY DANCE GUIDE for more info.

Do we dance barefoot?

Yes. You can wear something like our LeoToes to protect your feet and for easier turning; or if you need supportive footwear that’s okay too. Sometimes the Burlesque class wears heels... We just ask to keep the ‘street shoes’ out in our lobby so we don’t track dirt in.

Policies & Procedures:

  • If you need to leave a class early, if possible let the instructor know ahead of time
  • Avoid coming late to a class at all costs. Our classes are crafted to create an entire experience from beginning to end, and you will do yourself and your body the best service by committing to the experience. Many classes move quickly, and by coming in late you will have missed key elements to the rest of the class, and will often feel lost and frustrated, creating a negative experience for yourself and other students. Let's avoid this... be EARLY! ...of course sometimes this cannot be avoided, and we understand, so please warm up on your own and enter as discreetly as possible.
  • No street shoes on the dance floors: Please leave your shoes outside the studio in our lobby. However, dance shoes, dance sneakers, LeoToes to protect the balls of your feet, or other supportive footwear are allowed.

Studio Etiquette:

  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • No chewing gum in class (it's a health hazard!)
  • No long skirts (unless specified otherwise.)
  • No videotaping.
  • No talking while the instructor is talking.
  • Be conscious of the space around you and place yourself accordingly.
  • Pay attention when someone asks a question (you may need to hear the answer too!)
  • Do not correct your fellow students (that's the teacher's job, and this is your time to focus on yourself.)
  • Only positive comments about yourself and your fellow students.
  • Between classes/in the Lobby: speak in quiet tones as there may be a class still going on.

Remember, this is a safe, supportive environment here to nurture everyone's creative growth. Be kind to everyone... especially to yourself!

Try everything! You can do it!

Class Attendance Info

Please note:

  • - Check which Location your class will be held (hint, it's in the title)
  • - If you don't see a class you want - check to make sure some weird filter isn't on
  • - Please pre-register, and check-in when you arrive. If you need help signing up for a class, feel free to come at least 15 minutes early to class and we will show you how to do it from your phone.
  • - Are you new? Glad you're here! You're welcome to be perfectly yourself, just as you are!
  • - No gum, and phones & watches OFF. This is YOUR time, give that valuable gift to yourself!
  • - Keep your scented lotions and perfumes for a night out on the town, not for the studio.
  • - No STREET shoes on the dance floors. Most of us dance barefoot, so please bring clean dance shoes should you need footwear. LeoToes are a great way to protect the balls of your feet and help with turning and stability, we stock them at the Studio.
  • - Keep your personal items off the dance floor.
  • By signing up for a class, you are declaring that:
  • ...you do not have a fever, respiratory symptoms, sore throat or new headache, and you have not been exposed to anyone with these symptoms OR diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

If you will not show up for class, please cancel 4 hours prior to class start time. Others may want the opportunity.

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