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  • **New? Try our Intro Special, $45/30 days, unlimited classes, no obligation.
  • Includes Intro to Belly Dance, soon 3x week, plus more!
  • All the classes you can eat, 7 days/week, right in your living room!
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**A Dance for Every Body**

  • Our physical studio is open with intimate class sizes (pre-registration ONLY), and ask that you help us remain a safe and welcoming space by observing the following protocols:
  • - advance registration for classes ONLY
  • - Masks on in entryway and lobby
  • - one person in stairwell at a time (wait for the person going up or going down to pass)
  • - congregating and discussion outside only please
  • - keep your personal items to a minimum, and please place items 6 feet apart from others
  • - maintain physical distance of 6 feet from other people

Meanwhile, our virtual class schedule is ON and will continue to be a staple here at Hip Ex, we love serving those who can join us remotely, and spread the Hip Ex love! We need movement and community now more than ever. We are committed to continuing with dance and movement through these times, while keeping you safe and healthy.

  • VIRTUAL CLASSES over 30 classes/week, including Belly Dance, Nia, Polynesian, Burlesque, Samba, Jazz, Modern, Yoga & Intro to Belly Dance
  • SERIES CLASSES include Choreographies, Flamenco, Tap, and more!
  • **Not sure where to start? Ask us for recommendations!**
  • Keep Calm... and Dance On!
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We are a Global Inclusive Creative Movement Community

Are you looking for inspiration and motivation? A way to make your life more fulfilling, physically, mentally, and emotionally? Join us and check out our fresh approach to a more rewarding life through dance, fitness, and self-expression! Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio is a movement, a community, a collaboration - dancers, musicians, artists, yogis, students, professionals, and supporters, of all ages, shapes and sizes... all united around a commitment to community, wellness, and art. Join us!

"I feel like I found a secret heavenly place on earth"

There are many, many classes available to choose from, and multiple days of the week to fit my busy schedule. Most of all, I love the women and the openly accepting environment where everyone encourages, supports and recognizes one another for their inward beauty, and builds one another up, boosting confidence in one another.

Sandra Johnson - St Pete, FL

You provide many with a safe, comfortable home for artist expression as well as a place where you can make supportive friendships. People are free to participate as much as, or as little as they have the opportunity and desire to in your services, all of which may provide improved health and fitness,and self-confidence.

Sandy Sayson-Fraser - Clearwater, FL

The atmosphere of the studio is amazing, the teachers are fun and very kind. I'm very happy to be a repeat customer I feel like I found a secret heavenly place on Earth within these doors!!

Cristina Meraki - St Pete, FL

Hip Expressions in Action

Welcome to the Community of Inspirational Movement!

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