Dance, Inspire, Transform!

When you’re feeling disconnected from your body and your life, in need of inspiration & Support, our judgment-free programs Give you the Creative movement tools you need so you can Reclaim your power!

Are you settling for normal?

    • Sometimes I feel like I've lost my sense of who I am.
    • Think of a time when life was fun... when you were playful, creative... Now, are you working hard at adulting, letting our 'hustle culture' keep you focused on productivity, and letting your need for self-expression and freedom slide? Unfortunately so does your social and emotional well-being, paradoxically making you LESS productive!
    • I feel awkward, I'm not sure where I belong.

    • The media (& companies that profit off our insecurities) do a great job of showing us unachievable society standards of beauty and fitness, making every one of us - yes even the biggest superstars & models - feel unworthy and self-conscious. Honestly, this patriarchal society limits how we allow ourselves to express and manifest who we truly are. This magnifies our insecurities and we self-sabotage, doubting ourselves, our choices, and keeping ourselves from succeeding at anything new. This fuels all our insecurities and prevents us from living a fulfilling & joyful life...
  • Don't let the world crush your spirit - you deserve the freedom to be more fully yourself, surrounded by others who value creativity!

Come let your authentic self shine, in our inclusive, creative movement community


Gain Emotional Balance and Self-Acceptance

Fall in love with your body and its curves and uniqueness. Feel good in your body, even if it’s not ‘perfect,’ because you realize you are perfect just as you are. Walk with confidence, like the divine spirit you are! Reclaim your life and live it fully, with confidence permeating every aspect. Feel more successful in all your affairs and enjoy a richer, more fulfilling life.

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Build Positive and Encouraging Relationships

Attract others who are positive and encouraging, connect with a community that loves and supports you. Build thriving, meaningful relationships with people who accept you and share your passions. Learn to gracefully speak your truth and, at the same time, uplift and accept those around you.

Walk confidently into any situation without feeling the need to prove yourself or live up to anyone else’s expectations. Move with grace, strength, and poise, holding yourself like a divine being you are!


Enjoy the Freedom to be Creative

Take risks and be bold and beautiful without shame. Embrace your creativity and let it shine in every aspect of your life. Be confident in who you are. Dare to dress, act, and move in ways that reflect your true self. Release your inhibitions and let your self shine!

Dare to Dance, Inspire, and Transform... Reclaim your creativity and yourself!

xoxo Johanna & the Hip Ex Team

xoxo Johanna & the Hip Ex Team

We know what it feels like to Be Different - and how to Transform it to feeling fabulous!

  • We didn't become fabulous overnight. We too were once beginners - feeling awkward, uncoordinated, frustrated with how we *wanted* to look and feel and not sure we would ever get there. Each of us took a risk - believing in ourselves, our teachers, the legacy of the arts we study. We followed what inspired us to dance - and some to perform - because it made us feel connected to our bodies, our community, and some inner place in us that felt free and beautiful!
  • At our studio, we commit to creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone can explore their creativity freely. We accept each person as they are and encourage the unique expression of their inner being through movement. Here, you will find a community dedicated to uplifting and supporting one another, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and inspired.

    We are passionate about helping you explore a variety of movement traditions from around the world. By experiencing different styles, you will discover what resonates with you, inspiring you to become your best and happiest self. As you grow in your dance practice, you will connect with others who share your interests, forming closer-knit communities that enhance your journey.

    Our activities, classes, and events are designed to provide a structured yet flexible framework for exploration. We aim to quell fears and allow room for mistakes, encouraging you to embrace the messiness of learning and take fun risks. Together, we cultivate an environment where creativity and personal growth flourish, ensuring that everyone feels supported on their path to self-discovery and empowerment.

What's Next?

1. Purchase a Trial Month Membership & sign up for your first class

2. Experience how Hip Expressions makes you feel more confident and relaxed in our encouraging and supportive community, even while making mistakes and learning new things

3. Notice how much more beautiful, creative, and powerful you feel, walking through the world with more grace and confidence, unafraid, unapologetic... strong and sexy in your own skin!


No Experience? No Problem!

I loved everything about this belly dancing class. The instructor was an amazing teacher, made me feel welcome despite zero belly dancing experience, and had us all doing a routine together before the class was over. I got a great workout and had the most fun I've had in a while!

- Karen S


Falling in Love with my Body

I love being part of this wonderful community! Taking dance classes with the wonderful and supportive teachers at Hip Expressions is helping me to fall in love with my body and my life!!

- Robyn C


My Inner Spirit is Coming Out

The introductory class went by so fast! Everyone was really laid back friendly and helpful. The instructor knew how to teach, leading us from baby steps to a full dance routine and gently drawing out the inner spirit of each person so everyone was smiling, dancing and enjoying themselves. What a great experience, I'm looking forward to returning for more!

- Kori V


A Fun, Effective Confidence-Booster for All

I grew up dancing ballet, but had not taken a formal dance class in probably twenty years so I was nervous to try Hip Expressions. I've now taken three different classes here, each with a different instructor, and they have all been wonderful! The classes are fun, a great work out and I leave feeling my confidence boosted. There is a great sense of community, good vibes and body positivity that I absolutely love about this place!

- Carolyn L

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