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Making Memories for a Lifetime!

The music builds, a hush of expectation falls over the crowd... then in a burst of light, color and sound, the dancer enters the stage smiling and creating an atmosphere of infectious joy! Each show starts off with a dance showcase, then ends with getting the audience up and involved in the show.

From birthday party to wedding celebration, backyard luau to classic Moroccan nights show, La Hora Loca Brazilian Samba show or jazzy celebration, we have your dancer needs met! Wandering showgirls at your cocktail event? Check. Hula dancers to greet your guests with leis? Check!

We also host Bachelorette parties at the Studio; bring out the girls to learn Belly Dance, Polynesian Dance, or Burlesque! A great way to kick off a fun evening, before heading out on the town!

Please send us an email with the following information about your event, date, time, type of event, type of venue, and we can custom design the perfect show to your vision & budget! Questions? Call us! 727.251.5241.

Download our Rate Sheet to help design your event, then fill out the Performance Request Form and we'll touch base with you very soon!

Our Specialty Shows


Belly Dance/Danse Orientale

Create the ultimate cultural vibe at your next event! Our dancers are authentically trained in classical belly dance, which is fun for the entire family! Transform your event from the normal to the exotic with our beautiful presentations of sword, veil, Wings of Isis, or Fire!

Our Belly Dancers are ready to come perform at your special event, wedding, poolside party, birthday, or more! Dancers wow your guests, as well as interact with them for a memorable experience and unforgettable party! One dancer makes quite an impression, but if you want a really spectacular presentation, consider adding...

- a whole troupe of dancers (or just two or three)

- Middle Eastern Band

- Fire Show

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Brazilian Samba

How do you make your next party over the top? You add La Hora Loca, the Crazy Hour, with our Brazilian Samba dancers! They come in with feathers flying, hip shaking, and nothing but an attitude to make the party happen! Whether you want a splash presentation, an hour of dance madness, or beautiful ladies to greet your guests into your event, our dancers are for you!

For the ultimate experience, we also recommend: a DJ or LOUD sound system, party favors for your guests, and any noisemakers that can add to the fun!

Please check out our Rate Sheet, and fill out the Performance Request Form...

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Our Polynesian, Tahitian, and Hula Girls are perfect for that summer time poolside BBQ, your beach wedding, or a more formal presentation at your special event! We bring the authentic feel of the Islands, from soft arms that sway gently with the breeze, to the fast and furious rolling Tahitian hipwork that will amazing your guests! Our dancers will bring this cultural and beautiful experience to your guests, interact with them or even teach them a few moves if you like! Hire one dancer who will make quite an impression, but of course more IS better so we recommend two or three to really wow your guests!

Of course, to make it really exciting, consider adding a FIRE SHOW! Best right after sunset! We also are proud to offer an authentic Fire Knife dance, traditionally done by a...

Tribal Burn Fire Show

Fire Dance

There is nothing more spectacular than beautiful performers dancing with flames, lighting up the night with their passion and energetic flair! A fire show will take your event to the next level!

Choose your theme - Belly Dance, Polynesian, or ANY theme of your choice, we love to get creative - and then let our performers do the rest!

Outdoors, just after sunset is the perfect time for a fire show. The overhead area must be clear (no branches, pool screens, or electrical wires!) and your guests a safe distance away. We can bring our own sound system or use yours.

Consider having more than one dancer, or, we can bring our own drummers to make the show really have a punch!

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