Belly Dance

Be Strong, Be Sexy...


Belly Dance Program

At the heart of Hip Expressions, we started with our love for Belly Dance.

Enjoy exploring your connection to your body and your self surrounded by a friendly community! We play with ancient feminine movements that guide us towards loving our body, becoming more confident, strong and sexy. Discover the beautiful being you are from the inside out as you learn to express yourself, no fear, no self-judgement, only curiosity, exploration, and ... fun!

Belly dance is not only a technique - but a lifestyle of realizing you a compassionate, beautiful, graceful divine creature that brightens every room you’re in. Yes, YOU have that power within you just waiting for you to tap in through these time-honored traditions!

Classes are taught by Johanna, Karen, Kimberly and Lizza, co-directors of the Hip Stars performing troupe.

Beginners (Level 1) runs in a three month series, and it's suggested to attend all three months before starting Shimmies (Level 2), ask your instructor if you are ready. Level 2 dancers are still highly encouraged to keep attending Level 1 classes to focus on details previously missed. Level 2 dancers can audition for the Hip Stars (Level 3), where they will be given feedback on where they need to work before becoming a Troupe Member. Level 3 dancers still attend Level 1 and 2 classes.