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Explore every flavor we have to offer to experience release, validation, and inspiration!

Dance to Discover The Beauty Inside

We recognize the world out there can be stressful - which is why we've created a world, in here, that is the opposite - inspiring, creative, full of freedom and acceptance!

Hip Expressions is a safe, supportive, and joyful environment where you can reconnect with your true beautiful self. Come regain your self-acceptance, confidence, grace, community, creativity, and a sense of freedom and playfulness that transcends the stresses and judgments of daily life.

We have found expression, meaning, and connection with dances and movement from around the world. As a beginner, try them all on, and then see which one resonates with YOU! By embracing these elements, you will rediscover the connection to yourself and the music you used to love or always wished you had. Your life will be transformed, becoming a testament to the power of movement, creativity, and community.

We have several different tracks of focus, pick your favorite, or, one or more for even more confidence and playtime! Our Trial Membership lets you get a taste of them all...


Belly Dance

Be Strong, Be Sexy, Belly Dance

Connect with your body and the beautiful you inside, through ancient belly dance moves. Move from awkward and uncoordinated to naturally graceful as you gain confidence in yourself in these supportive classes.

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Connect with Good Vibes, Together

Tribal Dance is rooted in folk dances from around the world, and uses elements of Belly Dance, Flamenco, Modern, Indian, and evolving creativity. Through interactions, cues, and staging, dancers create a dance together using everyone's input and energy. It's a fun game of Simon says where everyone has fun, and everyone wins!



Turn the Drama into Dance

Our traditional Flamenco classes encourage you to work out your passions on the dance floor. With fast footwork and precise hand and arm gestures, there's no time to think - only dance until the stress melts away. You'll feel confident and powerful even after your first class.


Brazilian Samba

Why be Normal, Be Fabulous

Our Samba Troupe, Samba Syndicate, rehearses weekly, and opens up the last rehearsal of the month for newbies to try! Come see why the flying feathers and fast footwork lead to endless fun!

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Indian Fusion

Bring out your Ancient Goddess

Transform from the ordinary into a goddess using dance moves integrated from authentic Indian dance. Ancient techniques for modern wisdom!

The oldest recorded dances are from India, where each temple had a dance troupe that played out the celestial dance, on earth. Learning these postures increases the flow of energy or prana, and practicing them infuses us with strength and grace.

Walk and dance confidently, knowing you have centuries of feminine wisdom to guide you.

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Feel Balanced, Confident, & Playful... from the Inside Out

Our Wellness Programs feature:

Nia - Playful and Fun, this intuitive dance class incorporate elements from tai chi, modern dance, kung fu, yoga, and more, just to name a few!

Aerial Yoga - Supportive and playful, come 'hang around' with our instructors who will help you be more relaxed and balanced. Learn to really let go!

Meditation - Feel relaxed and cheerful, in this easy class for beginners and all levels.



Claim Your Power, Set Your Soul Aflame

There is nothing the transmutes you into a supernatural being more than dancing with the element of fire! Discover the thrill, the focus, the challenge, and the courage to become a powerful fire dancer.

Hip Expressions is one of the pioneers in fire belly dance, producing renown fire shows twice a year (Tribal Burn), and even designing fire tools specifically for the real dancer in mind (Fire By Dancers).

The perfect place to begin your fire journey.

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Transcend the Ordinary

Our dance program is rooted in the classics; Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary, and branching out into the realm of Cabaret. Start with the foundations.

Hip Expressions Manifesto

I am here now and will do my best to help create a safe & welcoming space for all by …

  • being my beautiful, authentic self

  • making mistakes & moving on

  • signing up in advance

  • being fully present & engaged

  • listening to & loving my body the way it is

  • leaving my cell phone off to reduce distractions

  • arriving on time and staying for the entire class

  • throwing my gum away so my breath is free

  • listening silently when the instructor is talking

  • paying attention when others ask questions

  • focusing on myself & let others do the same

  • consciously placing myself in the space around me

  • reserving conversing with others to before & after class

  • keeping the space free of fragrance & strong body odors

  • being gentle with myself & others, in word, thought & deed

  • communicating concerns discreetly to my instructor or staff

  • sharing joyful movement with my new friends

  • not comparing myself to others

  • not taking things personally

  • doing my best… just for today

  • being okay feeling awkward

  • …having fun!

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