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Explore every flavor we have to offer to experience release, validation, and inspiration!

Dance to Discover The Beauty Inside

We recognize the world out there can be stressful - which is why we've created a world, in here, that is the opposite - inspiring, creative, full of freedom and acceptance!

Hip Expressions is a safe, supportive, and joyful environment where you can reconnect with your true beautiful self. Come regain your self-acceptance, confidence, grace, community, creativity, and a sense of freedom and playfulness that transcends the stresses and judgments of daily life.

We have found expression, meaning, and connection with dances and movement from around the world. As a beginner, try them all on, and then see which one resonates with YOU! By embracing these elements, you will rediscover the connection to yourself and the music you used to love or always wished you had. Your life will be transformed, becoming a testament to the power of movement, creativity, and community.

We have several different tracks of focus, pick your favorite, or, one or more for even more confidence and playtime!

Belly Dance (Levels 1 - 3)

Enjoy exploring your connection to your body and your self surrounded by a friendly community! We play with ancient feminine movements that guide us towards loving our body, becoming more confident, strong and sexy. Discover the beautiful being you are from the inside out as you learn to express yourself, no fear, no self-judgement, only curiosity, exploration, and ... fun!

Belly dance is not only a technique - but a lifestyle of realizing you a compassionate, beautiful, graceful divine creature that brightens every room you’re in. Yes, YOU have that power within you just waiting for you to tap in through these time-honored traditions!

Beginners (Level 1) runs in a three month series, and it's suggested to attend all three months before starting Shimmies (Level 2), ask your instructor if you are ready. Level 2 dancers are still highly encouraged to keep attending Level 1 classes to focus on details previously missed. Level 2 dancers can audition for the Hip Stars (Level 3), where they will be given feedback on where they need to work before becoming a Troupe Member. Level 3 dancers still attend Level 1 and 2 classes.

Tribal ( Levels 1 - 3)

When you’re feeling disconnected & need a boost, come move your body in a gentle place where you feel like you belong! Studies show that we improve 500% more when we work together. This style of belly dance is exactly what it sounds like - learning to dance in unison & community. No choreography necessary, it’s gamified belly dance where we play a fun game of follow the leader, using moves inspired by belly dance, Flamenco, and other dances from around the world.

The most successful dancers are not the ones who don’t make mistakes (mistakes are part of every persons journey), but the ones who shake them off the fastest and refocus. You’ll learn how to laugh at those mistakes, or, make them part of the dance! All in a supportive group who is having just as much fun as you are. Play opens up our neural pathways to the flexibility to learn new things! Way faster than beating ourselves up about it.

Confidence is the posture of this style, having fun while learning to trust yourself the most! Moves are built from ‘tribal’ dance styles from around the world, blended with modern interpretations and influences from Africa to Spain.

Beginners start in Tribal 1 (some belly dance experience or also taking Belly Dance 1 is recommended); when you've learned the foundations, ask your instructor about adding Tribal 2 classes to your schedule. Djinn Zoo (Level 3) is the performing troupe, talk to your instructor about your path to joining!

Flamenco (Levels 1 - 3)

Infuse your life with passion, power, and precision, so you can go fearlessly into the world! Flamenco dance from Spain, is a dance from the gitana who accompanied fast rhythms with specific footwork, soulful singing with bold expression through arms and posture. What you dance you become, strong, feminine, fearless, and powerful!

Intro to Flamenco (Flamenco 1) introduces you to the posture and basics from which the attitude springs. Proficiency in the foundations will give you the background needed to move up to Level 2 (Beginners), which is at the instructor’s discretion. Proficient and experienced dancers practice in Level 3 (Intermediate).

Brazilian Samba (Levels 1 -3)

Nothing is more about letting go than Brazilian Samba! Here there is no room for second guessing yourself, as you give in to the powerful rhythms from Brazil. You’ll feel strong and sexy as your feet fly keeping up with the hips shaking, feathers flying, and all of that - exhilarating fun! The boost of your fellow dancers helps you create drama on the dance floor, you won’t help but smile and laugh and have a great time!

Start with our Cardio Samba (Level 1 & 2) class (when it's offered), where you'll learn the basic footwork and start to build your endurance. Our Samba Syndicate Troupe is Level 3, where you'll learn choreography to challenge your mind and your body, moving towards endless confidence and fun. The last Samba Syndicate rehearsal of the month is open for all to try!

Indian Fusion (Level 1)

Transform from the ordinary into a goddess using dance moves integrated from authentic Indian dance. Ancient techniques for modern wisdom!

The oldest recorded dances are from India, where each temple had a dance troupe that played out the celestial dance, on earth. Learning these postures increases the flow of energy or prana, and practicing them infuses us with strength and grace.

Walk and dance confidently, knowing you have centuries of feminine wisdom to guide you.

Wellness Track

Staying balanced in body mind and spirit, Nia and our Aerial Yoga classes are great complements to our other dance styles. Take them along with any Level 1 classes as your weekly fitness and mindfulness practice towards a healthier, happy you.

Nia is the ultimate joy in movement class! Here, there are no rules, we explore how to have fun in your body, to bring you home to yourself! Explore simple footwork patterns, offered at your choice of intensity, for a whole-being experience that makes you feel strong and flexible. Using elements of dance, martial arts, and healing arts, these exercises in mindfulness and connection liberate your body, mind and spirit. Physical, mental, and emotional conditioning for healing and transformation that is accessible and attainable for every body.

Aerial Yoga decompresses the spine, releases tension in the neck, and helps with balance, relaxation, and reduces stress. Take some time for yourself to relax into the support of the swing, which offers modifications to traditional yoga poses. Your confidence and creativity will grow, easily and naturally.

Fire Dancing

Discover your primordial roots in confidence, power, and mastery! Dancing with fire burns away criticism, self-doubt, shame, anger resentment and more... it all gets consumed, purified, and you re-emerge a more vibrant, strong, powerful version of yourself.

Over twenty years of fire performing, Hip Expressions helped produce the very first fire belly dancing DVD, as well as a unique line of fire dance tools designed for the lines and needs of dancers.

Our classes begin with Safety (bring a friend!), then introduce you to the various props, then when you are comfortable, learn the dynamics and specifics of performing with the flame. Our fire troupe is invitation only, and perform at our Tribal Burn, held twice a year. Check out for props to get you started!

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