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Try us out!

The Trial Membership give you access to all the drop-in classes, & Beginner Belly Dance Series, so you can try out Samba, Tribal Belly Dance, Belly Dance Yoga, Belly Dance, Yoga, Nia, and more!

Every class has a different style and flavor, and so do our teachers, so see which ones 'click' the most.

This includes Virtual classes, too, which you can access up to 72 hours after the class time to view at your leisure.

Try 10 classes in your first month; when you sign up for a Membership, receive $50 credit towards all things Hip Ex!

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Pricing Options

Membership (Best Deal)

Mini-Membership (4 classes/month)

  • $65/Month AutoPay
  • On months your class has an extra week, that's covered too!
  • Cancel anytime after 6 months
  • 10% off costumes/accessories
  • Discounts on workshops/special courses

8 Beginners Classes

  • $129
  • 8 class drop-ins
  • Beginner's and Basic Belly Dance classes only
  • Good for three months

10 Class Pass

  • $180
  • 10 class drop-ins
  • Good for one year

One Month Unlimited

  • $169
  • Unlimited one month of classes
  • No obligation or AutoPay


  • $25
  • Good for one class
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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

For personalized attention, private lessons are the way to go! From Basics, to Choreography, to strengthening after an injury. Available on-line through Zoom or in person. Our instructors can help you with technique, alignment, and much more. Call or email us with questions, we will tailor to your needs & goals. Group Rates available for Bachelorette parties or Girls' Night Out!


  • We are more than happy to create choreography for you! Bring your favorite song and we are happy to help - or ask us for a song recommendation. Please note this takes extra time outside of private sessions teaching you the choreography.
  • ...$150/first minute, $50 additional time, in 30 second increments (a three minute song will be $350)

Business Policies

  • All new students get a RED FLOWER, they're by the door! Welcome!
  • Please check-in with our Staff when you arrive so they can check you in
  • All classes must be paid in full in advance; no refunds or make-ups unless specified
  • Must book the class PRIOR to start time
  • Class space is limited, reserve your spot in advance
  • Please cancel your reservation FOUR hours prior to class time to avoid being charged for the class and allow those on the wait list to be notified of availability
  • Late payments on failed AutoPays subject to a $15 late fee

To Create a Safe, Fun Space for all, please...

Consider the Four Agreements

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word
  • Don't Take Things Personally
  • Don't Make Assumptions
  • Always Do Your Best!


  • Only positive words about yourself and others - a smile goes a long way!
  • Make sure your notifications are turned ON for classes/marketing - we send out 2 newsletters a month with all the updates!
  • No chewing gum
  • Respect others' space
  • No videotaping unless ok'd by the instructor
  • Observers welcome - briefly - then encouraged to participate or sign up for a future program
  • No cell phones (or watches!) turn them OFF so you can focus
  • Ask questions
  • Be gentle with yourself - these things take time
  • Enjoy being a beginner again
  • Give yourself permission to feel awkward - and have fun anyway!

Teamwork Makes the DreamWork

Get involved, be part of the Team, and get assistance with dance classes too. Always looking for new Team members.


Hip Expressions is committed to growing our Mindful, Creative, Cultural Movement Community. We are happy to offer our need-based scholarship program so that no one’s passion for dance go unfulfilled.

Our program is supplemented through the generous donations of donors who sponsor a learner to study at Hip Expressions. We are ever grateful for these donors, for investing not only in the personal growth of a spirit in need, but also in their local arts community. Donations can be anonymous or recognized as the donor is comfortable. If you know of anyone who is interested in sponsoring a learner, please refer them to Johanna at 727.459.8558, or

Scholarships are for our Membership (monthly Unlimited) on AutoPay.

Apply Here