Embody (classes)

Gain confidence, grace & style! Through Belly Dance & more...


Movement can bring meaning into every part of your life... grow in power and confidence, learn who you are as you move from the inside out!

Release stress, let go of anxiety, as you develop confidence in your body and grace in your soul. You are perfect JUST as you are, re-discover self-acceptance as you embody these dance traditions from around the world!

Every class has a community vibe, with a unique 'flavor', where every body is accepted for your unique style, shape, color, and voice. Beyond Belly Dance, we offer Nia, Flamenco, Yoga, Aerial, Tribal, many flavors of the colors of the world and its people, music, and costumes.

Every class embodies the acceptance, encouragement, community feel and inspiration that Hip Ex is known for. Come, join our positive community, and sparkle by sparkle we'll make the whole world shine!

Inspiration for Every Body

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