Belly Dance

Hip Stars - Powerful, Meaningful & Transformative Belly Dance!

Troupe's Purpose:

To strengthen our individual and collective confidence, grace, and joy, by working together to honor, share, and grow the Art of Belly Dance.

See how YOUR performance skills grow by leaps and bounds; as you feel great about your skills, your confidence will permeate every aspect of your life! Success in dance means success on AND off the dance floor.

The Hip Stars is Hip Expressions' performing belly dance troupe, sharing our love for this dance with the world! Directed by Johanna Zenobia, Karen Sun Ray, Kimberly Freed, and Lizza Hasan, you get the combined experience and strengths of the entire Belly Dance staff at Hip Expressions. The Hip Stars was founded in 2013 by Johanna, to inspire joy, explore thematic content, and develop strong dancers. They perform a variety of dynamic & engaging belly dance performances to showcase the beauty, variety, community, and transformative power of this beautiful and ancient art form.

The Hip Stars value personal development, on and off the dance floor, and working as a Team to create stunning visual presentations!

Come embody the confidence and grace you have been working towards!

Our Vision:

- Develop a deep and meaningful connection to our bodies and our community, through the music and movement of the ancient art of belly dance

- Express human experience through dance, creating performances that make people feel and connect to ancient themes

- Build meaningful and supportive relationships

- Cultivating strong performance skills helps us to connect to our core sensuality to fully express and accept who we are individually & collectively

- Embody the culture and character of a wide variety of belly dance traditions, through cohesive costuming & movement

We showcase the transformative and meaningful power of belly dance to our community, there are opportunities for travel, too!

Qualities we look for in a Troupe member:

- Commitment to working on individual & collective growth & technique, in and out of rehearsal

- Positive & friendly welcoming demeanor, integrity, dedication to the group and assuming goodwill, not taking things personally

- Good sense of timing & musicality, strong isolation skills, quick learner

- Willingness to work on improvisation & choreography; solos & group numbers

- Trust in the process & in your Directors

- Overall attitude, spirit, and cohesiveness with Hip Stars Values

Looking for dancers who are proficient at and would like to improve their:

- stage presence

- technique

- musicality

- improvisational skills

Be ready to:

- showcase 1:30 to 2 minute performance with your own music, in full costume & stage make up

- showcase improvisation with and without a veil (to our music) alongside others, showing your individual style and interaction with others

- learn a (very) short combination together, focusing on your own dance and as part of a group

You will receive personalized feedback from the Troupe Directors - Johanna, Karen, Kimberly & Lizza. Gain insights on and direction for your technique, choreography, stage presence and more! Be prepared within the week after the audition for a one-on-one coaching virtual session to review your dance goals and aspirations, audition results, and create a plan going forward.

Come dressed for the goddess part you want - stage ready with make up and costume. Don't worry about buying a super new costume for this event, since as Hip Stars we will purchase costumes together, but bring the best you have (or can borrow).

Join the artistic, uplifting troupe... the Hip Stars, Powerful, Meaningful & Transformative Belly Dance!

To sign up...

1. Review these documents about the Hip Stars (so you know what you're auditioning for)

Hip Ex Troupe Guidelines

Hip Stars Troupe Charter

2. Fill out the form/application HERE

3. Register on our website schedule

$65 fee includes both audition days, and coaching/feedback call.



*please arrive 15 min early, or earlier if you need to prepare*

Monday, July 1, 8pm - Combos & Improvisation (with and without veil)

- rehearsal attire (includes hip scarf & red flower), bring a veil or borrow one of ours

Tuesday, July 2, 8pm - Performances

- full stage belly dance costume & make-up

...any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Application below. If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please email us to be sure we got your application.

  • Many Hip Ex instructors as well as performers in Tampa Bay and around the US started in Johanna's dance troupes! All pro's were once beginners. These dancers took their studies seriously, and have trained with many professionals and stars to get to where they are today, so, keep on dancing!
  • Gypsi Erin - Hip Ex Instructor, Troupe Leader Samba Syndicate, professional performer & choreographer.
  • Marcella Skiff - Hip Ex instructor, Troupe Leader Djinn Zoo.
  • Kimberly Freed - Hip Ex instructor, professional performer, & choreographer.
  • Anastasia Krit - Award-winning dancer, international instructor, workshop producer, guest instructor at Hip Ex, and professional performer in Tampa Bay.
  • Chris Geyer - Professional performer, Hip Ex guest instructor, and event producer, Tampa Bay.
  • Michele Mercier - Professional performer, instructor, and studio owner, Dance University, Sarasota.
  • Annindita Palaus - Professional performer, instructor, Tampa Bay.
  • Sandi Lee - Professional performer, instructor, sword dancer, Tampa Bay.
  • Natalie - Professional performer, Tampa Bay.
  • Dana Leota - Professional performer, instructor, Tampa Bay.
  • Larissa Smith - Professional performer, Tampa Bay.
  • Nilla Bean - Professional performer, instructor, event producer, choreographer, costume designer, CherryPieVintage & Miss Bean Entertainment, New York.
  • Hannah Burks - Instructor, professional performer, vocalist and event producer, Alabama.
  • Stephanie Alaimo - Professional performer & musician, Oregon.

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