Djinn Zoo

Tribal Belly Dance

Djinn Zoo - Improvisational Tribal Troupe

Djinn Zoo is our Tribal troupe, Directed by Marcella Skiff. These ladies explore the evolution of Tribal belly dance, which combines traditional dances from around the world such as belly dance, Flamenco, Indian Dance, and Modern. The focus is on the sisterhood of the dance, playing with structured improvisational tools, using cues to transition from one move to the next.

Djinn Zoo evolved from Loud Zoo Tribal, of which Marcella was a part, directed by Johanna Xenobia from 2001 - 2012. Marcella continues the Tribal tradition at Hip Expressions in her growing troupe. Influences include Gypsy Caravan style, American Tribal Style, and Loud Zoo style. The troupe enjoys performing with props, zills, and creating a welcoming fun atmosphere for all members!

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Djinn Zoo Troupe Charter

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