Tribal Belly Dance

Connect With Good Vibes, Dance Together!

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Tribal Belly Dance Program

When you’re feeling disconnected & need a boost, come move your body in a gentle place where you feel like you belong! Studies show that we improve 500% more when we work together. This style of belly dance is exactly what it sounds like - learning to dance in unison & community. No choreography necessary, it’s gamified belly dance where we play a fun game of follow the leader, using moves inspired by belly dance, Flamenco, and other dances from around the world.

The most successful dancers are not the ones who don’t make mistakes (mistakes are part of every persons journey), but the ones who shake them off the fastest and refocus. You’ll learn how to laugh at those mistakes, or, make them part of the dance! All in a supportive group who is having just as much fun as you are. Play opens up our neural pathways to the flexibility to learn new things! Way faster than beating ourselves up about it.

Confidence is the posture of this style, having fun while learning to trust yourself the most! Moves are built from ‘tribal’ dance styles from around the world, blended with modern interpretations and influences from Africa to Spain.

Classes are taught by Marcella Skiff, Director of Djinn Zoo the performing troupe, and Jennifer Cudney, certified in Global Caravan style.

Beginners start in Tribal 1 (some belly dance experience or also taking Belly Dance 1 is recommended); when you've learned the foundations, ask your instructor about adding Tribal 2 classes to your schedule. Djinn Zoo (Level 3) is the performing troupe, talk to your instructor about your path to joining!