Feel Balanced, Confident and Playful... from the Inside Out!

Wellness Programs

Staying balanced in body mind and spirit, Nia, Simple Meditation, and our Aerial Yoga classes are great complements to our other dance styles. Take them along with any Level 1 classes as your weekly fitness and mindfulness practice towards a healthier, happy you.

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...is the ultimate joy in movement class! Here, there are no rules, we explore how to have fun in your body, to bring you home to yourself! Explore simple footwork patterns, offered at your choice of intensity, for a whole-being experience that makes you feel strong and flexible. Using elements of dance, martial arts, and healing arts, these exercises in mindfulness and connection liberate your body, mind and spirit. Physical, mental, and emotional conditioning for healing and transformation that is accessible and attainable for every body.

Taught by Christine Stineman, Lisa Rambaldo, and Melia O'Neal. https://bio.site/sensationalhealth


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Aerial Yoga

...playful and relaxed! Supported Yoga decompresses the spine, releases tension in the neck, and helps with balance, relaxation, and reduces stress. Take some time for yourself to relax into the support of the swing, which offers modifications to traditional yoga poses. Your confidence and creativity will grow, easily and naturally.

Taught by Karla Holland and Denise Glueck; Please note we have (one) swing set aside for Hip Expressions students, more are sometimes availalbe, please check www.yogamovesme.com or www.prismwellnessandyoga.com for additional registration options.


Simple Meditation

Want to give your mind a break? Do you want to feel calm, relaxed and aware. It is possible, it is simple and it is enjoyable! Join us, you will feel relaxed and cheerful.

Although there are many useful meditation apps, there is nothing like sitting together in person to meditate. This is a friendly, non-dogmatic meditation practice open to anyone interested in meditation. We come together to be with what is as it is, and with ourselves as we are. For each session, we will practice breathing exercises, then a simple meditation technique and we will close with a few minutes in open awareness.

Class is by donation, as you can support the teacher and the space.

No pre-registration, please show up at the door.

Led by Ruben Vasquez, www.simple-yoga.org.