Work-Study Program

Work Study

Welcome, and thank you for being part of the Hip Expressions community. We are ever growing, and need your help as part of our Team to support our mission:

To nurture a joyful, creative community, welcoming every body, inspiring exploration & self-development through movement arts.

We have several work-study opportunities available that we hope you can take advantage of.

1. Check-In: Being helpful and friendly with everyone who comes to our classes; and using our on-line sales system to handle transactions, registrations, and sales. Remuneration vary for trade dollars, and will be added to your MindBody Account monthly.

2. Show Staff: From greeting people at the front door and handling sales, to helping as stagehand, with sound or flow, backstage, or with lights and video, and with set-up and breakdown. This is a volunteer position, you will learn how to be engaged and active behind-the-scenes, see what makes the magic happen, interact with our performers and other fast-thinking and creative show staff.

3. Street Team: Distributing flyers for events and classes, soliciting donations for raffle prizes. Any place is fair game; coffeeshops, breweries, restaurants, boutiques… the list is endless with all the cool places in St Pete! Remuneration is $10 per five locations served, just bring in the list of where you went, and is added to your MindBody Account upon submittal of dates and locations visited. Same location can be visited once per month. Feel free to talk to the venue staff and tell them about our place, they may come too!

4. Specialty: You tell us what you have to offer to help with customer relations, business, marketing, graphic design, etc!

If you are interested, here are the procedures:

1. Submit Application.

2. One-on-One Interview with Johanna.

3. Attend a training/shadow a position.

4. Sign up to help! If you can NOT make a position you have signed up for, it is your responsibility to let us know ASAP - we book these positions weeks in advance and are COUNTING on you to fill critical positions. If you are unsure if you can commit then please let us know when you are sure. Stay in touch via the method assigned to your Team.

Above all, we value communication, organization, and a friendly spirit with our staff. Our job is to offer support & inspiration with *every* interaction as we share our mission with the world!

Thanks for offering to add your energy to our mission and help us grow!

Application link as a PDF is below.