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Transform Your Life, Become Greater Than You've Ever Dared to Dream

Enjoy exploring your connection to your body and your self surrounded by a friendly community of beginners! We play with ancient feminine movements that guide us towards loving our body, becoming more confident, strong and sexy. Discover the beauty being you are from the inside out as you gain confidence, release anxiety, and learn to express yourself.

As you grow in grace, coordination, improving your posture and stance, you’ll find that it starts to permeate every aspect of your life. You’ll learn to brush off mistakes, love yourself, and move and speak with more confidence in every aspect of your life.

YOU are perfect!

YOU are perfect!

 Where Do I Start?

Don't be shy, we love you just the way you are. We were ALL awkward, uncoordinated, balance and posture challenged once... so come and start your journey towards grace. You'll be amazed at how much more confident and embodied you'll be - in only one short month you'll be ready to take on the world!

We believe you are awesome, just as you are, and can't wait to show you new tools so you can see it, too! Our classes are designed to engage your body to be strong and flexible, your mind to keep you sharp, and through emotional connection through the music you'll find balance, calm, and confidence too. Your soul will be inspired through connecting to ancient movement traditions in a way that is accessible to everybody. You'll find this confidence translates to every daily life, so you feel fulfilled, more productive, and more at ease.

For Best Results

We find that students are most successful and see the most progress by planning to attend THREE classes a week, because you know life will happen and you'll miss one, and you'll still attend twice a week. Remember, this is like building any skill - it's just a matter of putting the hours in. The less often you come, the less progress you see, and it's harder to stay motivated!

What's exciting is that the more often you come - you will see the results faster, be more motivated to keep at it, which means that enthusiasm = results = more fun/feeling better = more enthusiasm! It's the best cycle to get into. If you're discouraged, it's just because you're not dancing enough to get the serotonin feel-good chemical that encourages you to keep going!

We recommend the $99 - Trial Membership unlimited classes for one month; come 10 times, and when you sign up for an Unlimited Membership, get $50 towards anything Hip Expressions!

Donation Intro Classes Most Fridays

Come check out the Studio with a dance class open to the community. Evey Body Welcome! Explore cultural dance moves, supportive environment, and good vibes. All levels welcome. Please pre-register to save your spot, and bring a friend!

All ages welcome, please, no shoes on the dance floor.

Will you feel uncomfortable? Probably, you're trying something new! Can you have fun anyway? Of course! Our friendly community makes it a safe space to be a little vulnerable and explore how it feels to be more fabulous in YOUR body.

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What's Next?

1. Purchase a Trial Month Membership & sign up for your first class

2. Experience how Hip Expressions makes you feel more confident and relaxed in our encouraging and supportive community, even while making mistakes and learning new things

3. Notice how much more beautiful, creative, and powerful you feel, walking through the world with more grace and confidence, unafraid, unapologetic... strong and sexy in your own skin!

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